Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Projected animation for the Royal Lyceum Theatre in Edinburgh in 2016.  
‘Alice’ won the 2017 Critics’ Awards for Theatre in Scotland (CATS) award for Best Technical Presentation and was nominated for Best Design. ​​​​​​​

Full disclosure, the video wasn't quite working when the photos were being taken but it was back-projected onto the big round sun you can see in the pictures. I used it very sparingly...

‘…gorgeous video animation from Jamie Macdonald, used 
sparingly enough to always come as a delightful surprise’  Exeunt Magazine

Photos by Drew Farrell

Adapted and directed and  by Anthony Neilson
Set and Costume Design by Francis O-Conner
Lighting Design by Tim Mitchell​​​​​​​
Music composed by Nick Powell​​​​​​​
Video Design by Jamie Macdonald

This was projected behind Alice as she ascends back to the real world.

I created a few simple states for the Cheshire Cat which could be triggered as needed. Here they are playing through continuously.

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