Chrysalis Festival

For the last few years I've been lucky enough to work with Youth Theatre Arts Scotland to make a trailer for their yearly Chrysalis festival.  
In 2018 I also handled the design of posters, flyers, programme, vinyls and a few other bits.
Trailer music by Alan Penman. Original Chrysalis logo by Elph.
The Chrysalis festival is a platform for ambitious performance by young theatre-makers. It showcases emerging talent, sparks critical debate and challenges perceptions of youth theatre.

Photo credits: Ursula Kaufmann, Gudrun Soley Sigurdardottir and Eoin McKenzie, Joyce Nicholls, Ink Asher Hemp

Previous trailers
Trailer 2017 | Original Chrysalis logo by Elph

Trailer 2016  |  Logo and texture circle design by Warwicka  |  Music by Alan Penman

Trailer 2015 | Original Chrysalis logo by Elph  |  Music by Alan Penman

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