Democracy by Margaret Atwood

An animated monologue on the subject of democracy, written specially for the film by novelist Margaret Atwood. 

From the FT website:
'In a year in which more than half the world goes to the polls, acclaimed novelist Margaret Atwood asks whether democracy is fragile and easily destroyed or flexible and resilient. This animated monologue is the first of four films examining the state of government, representation, rights and freedom.'
Written and Read by Margaret Atwood 
Director - Juliet Riddell
Designer and Animator - Jamie Macdonald
Composer and Sound Designer - Tristan Cassel-Delavois
Additional Sound Design - Alastair McNeill
Additional Design - Joseph Rynhart
Production Manager - Nasim Asadi
Production Coordinator - Karen Morvay
Development Creative Consultant - Kris Nelson
Dubbing Mixer - Saul Rivers
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