Submarine Time Machine

A sight specific performance that took place along the Forth and Clyde Canal in Glasgow, Submarine Time Machine was a celebration of the history and culture of the canal and its people and was created by National Theatre of Scotland.
The story is told through a dozen or so site-specific episodes of story and song, one of which was a magical submarine floating on the canal. I created the video to transform the windows of the submarine to allow the audience to travel through time!
It was a real challenge to coordinate 6 different window views in 3 dimensions for a continuous 10 minute experience that traveled to a dozen locations in the canal’s past, present and future. 

The experience was captured in 360º by the excellent Seth Hardwick.

360° view of the submarine experience. For best results view on a smartphone.

Window views of the whole experience.

Directed by Simon Sharkey
Set Design by Robin Peoples
Sound Design by Ross Brown
Lighting Design by Grant Anderson
Video Design by Jamie Macdonald
Video Technician Guy Coletta
Captain Smith Alan McHugh

A view through the front window.

A brief view through a side window.

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