Wendy Hoose

I created the trailer for Wendy Hoose and also made animated surtitles and video for the show itself.  
It had a Scottish tour, runs at the Edinburgh Festival and Soho Theatre and then a stint in Madrid and València.
It was very important that the show should be accessible to everyone, so we created animated surtitles throughout and a filmed BSL interpreter signing the whole show - even the really dirty bits. 
Wendy Hoose was nominated for a Critics' Awards for Theatre in Scotland (CATS) award for best technical presentation. 
Written by Johnny McKnight
Directed by Robert Softley Gale and Johnny McKnight
Set and Costume Design by Neil Haynes
Lighting Design by Grant Anderson
Video Design by Jamie Macdonald
Performed by Amy Conachan and James Young

Instagram cutdown for Soho Theatre

Original trailer with logo design by Greenlight Creative.

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